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Artdon Thrives on Manufacturing Superior Quality Products and Customized Solutions for Brand Owners, Wholesalers and Project Contractors to Ignite a Lighter Business.
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Top LED Tracklight Manufacturer in China

Artdon manufactures high-quality commercial lighting of variant shaps for residential, commercial, and industrial use. We strive to create LED light products that meet your requirements and high standards. We do this by understanding your unique lighting needs and providing customized solutions.


Our wide range of LED Lighting are manufactured in-house, so we control all aspects of quality and functionality. We can tailor-make LED lighting to suit your lighting projects helping you realize your creative LED lighting ideas.


Our team of LED Lighting manufacturing experts is adept at understanding your lighting needs and translating them into LED lighting that will fit right in and last...

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lt is easy to introduce all aspects of bottling machine,so we have prepared alot of information on this page for you to deive into. To make sure you can find the information you want quickly, below content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.
Here are the introduction of led track light fix-tures,fixtures pictures,fixtures power,fixtures lumens,etc Different types of fixtures are availabie for selection,click on the fix-tures to learn more.
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1, Artdon Founded in 2007.
2, Specializes in the design, manufacture and sale of metal halide track light, recessed downlight, Grille light and Surface mounted luminaires.
3, Attend Guangzhou and Hong Kong lighting fair.
4, Become a lighting manufacturer for Volkswagen, Audi and other car showroom; And Septwolves, Romon and other clothing Brands.

1, Have Goniophotometer Dark Room.
2, Establish own CNC lathe processing workshop and hardware processing and production workshops.
3, Entered into the led lighting industry and purchased relevant testing and aging equipment.
4, Become a lighting manufacturer for Peacebird, GXG, Tonlion and other clothing brands. And have a new showroom Which covers and area of 500 square meters.

1, Add Numbers of Turn-milling combined CNC machine (precision, accuracy and fast completion customized products).
2, Add the number of High-speed High-precision Parts Machining Center.
3, Expand production capacity and increase the assembly line of finished products.
4, Buy in Integrating Sphere testing equipment.
5, Becomes OEM factory for few big brand lighting companies.

1, Add Precision equipment processing center again (3-5days for sample delivery) .
2, Add the corresponding equipment and professional technical persons.
3, 30% increase in sales over previous.
4, The factory grew rapidly, employees is double of before, and renting an additional building for used.

  • 2007-2009
  • 2010-2018
  • 2019-2021
  • 2022-Now
Company advantage

why choose us ?

  • 01 A complete Organization and quality control system

    1,Comprehensive quality management system: We strictly adhere to quality inspection standards to ensure that all products meet the requirements and expectations of our customers.,

    2,Experienced team members: Each department in our company is managed by administrators with more than five years of relevant work experience. Their expertise and skills provide solid support and assurance.

    3,Customer trust and long-term growth: By establishing a robust quality control system, we gain the trust of our customers and ensure their confidence in our products. This trust is crucial for our company’s long-term success and continuous development.

  • 02 Have our own laboratory

    1,Efficient heat dissipation in lighting fixtures is of utmost importance to us.

    2, We assess the heat dissipation of our lighting fixtures by examining the thermal coefficient.

    3, Rigorous lifespan testing is conducted to ensure that our lighting fixtures remain in optimal condition throughout their designated service life of several years.

    4, Each lighting fixture undergoes equipment testing to measure both surface temperature and TC (temperature coefficient) points.

  • 03 A High-Caliber Engineering Team:

    1, Our engineering team comprises eight professionals, each possessing a minimum of five years of industry experience.

    2, All Products Supported by 3D Drawings and Renderings, We provide comprehensive 3D drawings and renderings for all our products, ensuring precise visualization and accurate representation.

    3, Extensive Customization Expertise. To date, our team has successfully assisted numerous customers in customizing tens of thousands of products. Our expertise spans a wide range of lighting applications, including general lighting and specialized area lighting, enabling us to accumulate profound industry knowledge.

  • 04 Strong Manufacturing Capabilities

    Have 8sets Turning and Milling machines, T-shaped tooling plate reduces tool change time and increasing productivity with a wide range of tooling combinations.

    Have 4sets Taiwan High speed and high precision parts machining center, which is the best choice for mould, hardware, auto parts, aviation, medical equipment and other industries.

    Other CNC machines, punching machines, saws, shearing and bending machines for the production of fixtures, for all the needs of fitting production.

  • 05 15 Years Of Experience

    1, Artdon is a lighting factory with 15 years of experience. It was established in 2007. From HID to LED, we have been able to convert 15 years of problems into knowledge, improving ourselves little by little every day.

    2, Since 2013,We have expanded our customer base from Southeast Asian customers to countries all over the world. Artdon focuses on providing a detailed and professional description of its services and expertise in the lighting industry. With a team of experienced professionals, we strive for excellence and innovation.

    3, We utilize advanced technology and materials in our design and production processes to ensure that our products offer optimal lighting performance and durability. We also offer customized solutions and professional consulting services to meet our customers' specific needs.




PDI is a lighting manufacturer with a variety of sophisticated equipment, fast response time and excellent product detailing.
Edwin From Netherland

Edwin From Netherland

I really like the team at Artdon, they are very responsive and provide good service, whatever I need, such as help with payment to other suppliers, help me buy some other appliances in China, they will take care of it for me.
Jabbar From Dubai

Jabbar From Dubai

PDI has a very strong engineering team, every time we need a customized light fixture they can make it in about 5 days, so I can send a sample to the designer first, beating the competition and helping us get a lot of orders
Jesper Snellenburg

Jesper Snellenburg

  • Showroom Update

    Showroom Update

    HiOur showroom Update Completed, Warm welcome to come and visit us.In the past few years, we have been improving a little bit, and our productshave been enriched a little bit, becoming more and more p
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  • Artdon Back To Work Today

    Artdon Back To Work Today

    Hello Everyone!Artdon back to work today, Any enquiry, please be free to contact us.
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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Hello Everyone!Thank you all for your continued support and love. we will be on vacation from February 1st to February 18th.This vacation will enable us to readjust and recharge our batteries so that
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